About Us

Rockin Out Jewelry Co. was conceived by Master Engraver, Justin Walker, in 2012, as a way to offer reproductions of his original masterpieces at an affordable price. Justin grew up in Seymour, Texas, with a strong farming and ranching background. Roping and riding  became second-nature to him at a young age...along with hard work and long hours. So, early on, he realized there had to be an easier way to make a living. During high school and into college Justin tinkered with building jewelry and saddle hardware, all while the seeds of becoming an entrepreneur were being planted. Throughout his college years, his tinkering turned to perfecting his newfound love and passion while working as an apprentice under one of the best, master-engravers in the trade.


As Justin set out on his own, Rockin Out began to take form. From setting up booths at the National Finals Rodeo, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, High Noon Western Collectibles to Western Design Conference, to establishishing relationships with large suppliers, loyal customers, rodeo stars and music artists, the business took shape. Over the last few years, the customers, vendors and fans have allowed him to focus on building out his shop, training and hiring other craftsmen, and mostly, to create unique custom designs for his ever-growing audience. Rockin Out is a culmination of hard work, perserverence, passion and and Justin’s ever-creative sprit...which is proudly displayed in this catalog.