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Meet the Master Engraver

Justin Walker is the Master Engraver and Creator that gave life to Rockin Out back in 2012. Learn more about his story here.

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Affordable Never Looked so Good

Rockin Out slotted conchos have graced some of the greatest saddles ever made in the U.S. Known for their durability and uniqueness, it's the look of excellence and custom detail that will make your saddle stand out.

Rockin Out Hardware is not only designed and handmad in the USA, but is heralded as the most exciting and innovative hardware on the market, perfect for saddles, tack and all leather crafted goods...at a price you won't believe.


Having been friends with Justin for many years, I have had the opportunity to watch and be a very small part of Rockin Out since it’s inception. It began with a master level artist, designer and craftsman who had the vision to be a high end production piece to the masses at an affordable price. From the very beginning, I have made them a standard on my saddles and tack from my base price options up to a great many of my high end show pieces. My thanks to Justin, as it’s an honor to put Rockin Out with my work.


Justin’s conchos always give my saddles a more custom, hand-made look. His ongoing creativity gives my customers more than enough options when it comes to picking out the “bells and whistles” they want to add on. Rockin Out has created outstanding quality products and has great customer service as well.

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